Amelia Pemberton, DARN founder and designer.

Amelia Pemberton, DARN founder and designer.

What's your name and where do you come from?

I come from a big family of 4 siblings, me being one of the youngest alongside my twin. We grew up in Surrey being raised by my mum and dad /siblings. We are a very creative family - my mother a textile designer and my dad a graphic designer. 

My brand is named DARN. the named originated from my BA collection at Falmouth University after me being fed up with the moths eating my clothes, it also become a PUN I guess without actually intending it to be. 

Tell us about DARN.

DARN is solely focused on scarves and one off clothing and collaborations. I also host popular creative interactive supper clubs.

If I could have my DREAM shop it would be big enough to offer workshops, supper clubs, summer parties, cinema nights and DJ nights. 

I would curate a beautiful space selling well made small runs of clothing.  I would love to one day showcase more DARN goods on a wider range of products as well as launch DARN & FRIENDS - a run on collaborative pieces made for DARN by like minded artists.

Amelia Pemberton, DARN founder and designer

Describe your perfect sunny day - where would you spend it and who would you be with?

Perfect Sunday day - I really cannot say I have very much got into the rhythm of go with the flow so it would initially depend on my mood.

Outdoors for sure, in the sea swimming or surfing surrounded by friends in West Pen with with my camera.

Fire on the beach making pancakes and playing silly games.

More stuff here if you wanna check it out:

Here is my new playlist for you to listen to if you like:

Amelia Pemberton, DARN

Photos: Victoria Harrison