What's your name and where do you come from?
Hi, I’m Pip, I’m a senior yoga teacher, mentor and business coach, an experienced sound healer and certified ritual facilitator, I've taught yoga, meditation classes and retreats internationally since 2012.
I’m the founder of Your Yoga Retreats and Your Yoga Career. I grew up in Bournemouth by the sea, spent decades in London and now I live in North Dorset in a witchy cottage in the countryside.
Please tell us about your business. 
I have two businesses, firstly Your Yoga Retreats, creates soulful retreat experiences for those seeking more than just a yoga holiday. Our retreats are created for transformation, fostering an atmosphere of joy, spirituality, and profound healing, we share rituals, ceremonies, ecstatic dance to electronic music, disco yoga as well as yoga and mediation. Our focus is on creating deep lasting connections to yourself and others whilst having a lot of fun. I host retreats in amazing locations, Ibiza, Marrakech and Sri Lanka and have some very exciting retreats for 2025, including a silent magical forest retreat.
I’m also the founder of Your Yoga Career, facilitating Yoga Teacher trainings, mentoring yoga teachers and business coaching for women working in wellbeing. I host teacher trainings in Ibiza and Marrakech as well as on the south coast of the UK, My life is pretty much eat, sleep and breathe yoga! I am so passionate about helping women to grow their businesses and that absolutely lights me up, helping others become soulful entrepreneurs.
Describe your perfect sunny day - where would you spend it and who would you be with?
Since moving to the countryside just over 2 years ago I was a bit lost on how to spend my sunny days with no beach. So I treated myself to membership at Babington House which is only 30mins from my house. So it’s head to Babs, get my towel on a sunbed, then spend the day splashing around in the outside pool whilst sipping something cool and refreshing. Lunch in the gardens and lounging all afternoon, then a drive home through the country lanes with the windows down and the tunes up. All finished off with a glass of wine in my garden watching the sun set.