"I design soulful, uplifting, sweary prints and artworks"

What's your name and where do you come from?

I'm Sophie and I live in Farnham, Surrey! I moved here 7 years ago, and I love that we can go swimming in lakes after school and go on long walks in the woods, there's not much culture here, but there is a good community, I miss London, but Surrey is definitely home now.

Tell us about your business/ brand/ hobbies and if you have a shop what you sell?

I work under Sophie Ward Studio, and I design soulful, uplifting, sweary prints and artworks, some of which are currently stocked in Oliver Bonas, John Lewis and Urban Outfitters. I also make a small collection of tees once a year and personal projects like the affirmation mirrors. Behind the scenes I take on logos and branding commissions and love doing murals for people like The Breakfast Club. This year I'm really focusing on going back to fine art and making BIG paintings which I'm really excited about.

Describe your perfect sunny day - where would you spend it and who would you be with?

Sunny Good days are what I live for! It’s kind of what I’m all about. So, this is hard. Depends on the season, as blue skies are one of my favourite things and affect my mood so much, so a winter sunny day is awesome too. I hate being inside in any weather tbh so I would be out first thing with a run with mates followed by a sauna please! and then probably I would want to be in a city walking around having a mooch with a really amazing coat on.

But really, it’s got to be a hot sunny day, right? And it would have to be spent by the water, with loads of mates and their kids, no screens all day and some kind of activity like surfing or paddleboarding which we could dip in and out of. One hundred percent there would have to be a limitless amount of cold, expensive Rosé in a cool box and a BBQ with loads of fish and seafood that someone else cooks. My favourite days are where we stay on the beach until dark and pack pj's for the kids to go home in. OR my other perfect sunny day would be a festival. Because a UK festivals in the sun is just goals.